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Lolli Media has 14+ years of experience as a branding agency in Hong Kong, providing logo designs that effectively represents the client’s visual identity and corporate image.


Synergizing with our logo design and branding service, we support the best Hong Kong brands with supporting services including graphic design, stationary design, web design, web development, graphic design, and digital marketing. Logo & Branding Demo

Branding Services

Develop Branding Strategy

We will define the brand strategy, developing the brand audience, brand positioning and brand objectives.

Market Research

We will research your brand competitors and identify the differences to form a clear differentiation.

Brand Persona

We will identify target customer group personas and develop a matching brand story for that niche.

Logo Design Hong Kong

We will create best logo designs that match your branding and personality with captivating visuals.

Brand Guideline

We define the branding with a brand guideline that encompasses typography, colour palettes, visual mood boards and proper usage instructions.

Graphic Design

We will provide matching graphic designs for marketing collaterals that match your logo design providing a consistent branding.

Lolli’s Key Services

Below are related services and features we offer for the top logo design and branding projects in Hong Kong:

  • Brand Strategy

    Successful brands are built on solid strategic foundations. Lolli will help define brand values and brand DNA, providing a brand book to guide future creatives and define how the brand acts and behaves. Brand values further evolve into brand contracts, expectations that the brand wishes to fulfill with their customers.

  • Name Generation

    Based on the brand positioning and direction, Lolli will propose multiple names for the brand, backed by strong ideas and concepts. In many cases, a brand’s success is heavily defined by the name, a name that can help consumers relate to, and driving brand values across global markets.

  • Logo Design

    Through visual interpretation of the brand’s promise and strategy, we will develop memorably, timeless, recognizable, and relatable logo designs aimed to trigger consumer associations. Lolli will provide top logo design services that will best visually communicate your brand ideas across to your selected range of sectors.

  • Brand Guideline

    To preserve a consistent branding and identity across multiple media and platforms, Lolli will develop a brand guideline, expressing the brand’s approach through typography standards, color palettes, logo proportions and usage, and visual guidelines. The brand guideline will provide help make sure the logo design is consistent through different medium in Hong Kong.

  • Corporate Stationary Design

    For a standard business, there are certain company stationaries that are essential. Lolli will provide Hong Kong graphic design and print production for business cards, brochures, letterheads, compliment slips, envelops and folders. Our designs will follow the client’s logo and brand guidelines, allowing for a consistent brand image.

  • Sales Collateral Design

    Whether it is selling a product or service, selling B2B or B2C, it is essential to have visually captivating sales tools inline with branding and the logo design to attract and convert customers. Lolli can provide top graphic design for leaflets, sales decks, power point presentation and newsletters.

  • Promotional Collateral Design

    To support our client’s ongoing promotions and campaigns, Lolli will provide best graphic design for banner ads, stand up banners, posters, post cards, booklets, membership cards and coupons. These designs will be inline with our client’s branding and logo design for Hong Kong.

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