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Lolli Media has 14+ years of experience creating user friendly user interface design optimized for user experience for 600+ successful client projects and counting. 


Synergizing with our web design service, we support the best Hong Kong and global brands with supporting services including web development, campaign minisites, digital marketing, eCommerce / eShop, logo design and branding.

Web Design Agency Services

Scope Definition

We will perform requirements gathering through user experience (UX) research, user flow identification to define the project scope.

Sitemap & Wireframe

With a defined project scope, Lolli will work with you to create a clear website structure with a detailed sitemap, web wireframe and feature details.

UI & UX Design

We will create web design mockups and prototypes of each page for client preview to finalize the design before development.

Copywriting & Translation

Lolli can work together with the client to create content for each individual page with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind.

Graphic Design

We will design graphical elements to be used for the website including web banners, customized icons, diagrams, charts and tables.

Photography & Video

We understand the importance of web visuals, Lolli is able to use stock photo or video content as well as provide custom product photography or onsite video shooting.

Lolli’s Key Services

Below are related services and features we offer for the top web design and web development projects in Hong Kong:

  • Mobile Responsive Web Design

    To cope with Hong Kong’s demand for mobile first web designs, all the websites that we develop are mobile responsive, with responsive design that ensures optimal user experience for multiple platforms and devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).

  • E-Commerce

    With the rise of Hong Kong eCommerce web designs, Lolli provides custom and open source solutions (WordPress, WooCommerce,  Opencart, Magento) for the content management system (CMS), which includes inventory management system, customer management system and order management system.

  • Campaign Mini Site

    To support your Hong Kong digital campaigns, retail product launches and seasonal promotions, Lolli is able to create campaign minisites to boost the engagement rates with small web games, voting systems, animations, user uploading or tracking codes to capture user data and behavior.

  • Content Management System (CMS)

    We will develop custom CMS or use open source CMS (WordPress, Joomla, WooCommerce,  Opencart, Magento) solutions for the web design project based on the project objectives. You will have the flexibility to update the website easily and efficiently after our CMS training.

  • Membership System

    Apart from the frontend web design, Lolli Media also develops backend systems to store member information which can be used for promotional and marketing purposes like sending out newsletters and eDM. Membership areas are popular for sites that want to restrict certain areas or information in the website to specific VIPS or clients.

  • Data & Analytics

    Using web tracking tools (Google Analytics, Facebook pixels, Google pixels), we can help the client analyze their web traffic and formulate web strategies for optimizing the traffic and perform search engine optimization (SEO) to increase the page views and site traffic in Hong Kong.

  • Hosting, Maintenance & Support

    Lolli provides a range for web hosting and server solutions (shared hosting, VPS, Cloud hosting, AWS, dedicated server). Our servers are located in Hong Kong, Germany and United States with the option of CDN for China connection. We also provide ongoing web maintenance and supporting service for updating and making web enhancements.

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